Anthrax, Accountability & Workplace Accidents

workplace accidents

How Accountable is Your Staff in Preventing Workplace Accidents? Today let’s talk about workplace accidents and near misses. Generally speaking, if there is a major incident at work and the proverbial poo hits the fan, someone has to pay.  Such was the case with a man named Michael Farrell.  He was the head of the…

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Does Your Crisis Management Team Suck at Public Relations?

public relations

Don’t Let Poor Public Relations Sink Your Ship Have you ever heard of the term, ‘perimeter-itis?’  If you aren’t from rural Manitoba, you may not have heard of this before. In a nutshell, it’s a term used by many rural Manitobans to describe what they feel is a condition plagued by many officials who reside…

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Do you have a Social Media Strategy With Your Emergency Response System?

disaster recovery

Your Social Media Emergency Response 101 Depending on where you live, you may have heard about the widespread flooding that has hit parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the past week.  Torrential downpours pummeled the prairies in amounts that would have Noah worried, and since I have family and friends who live out there I turned to my faithful…

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Make Emergency Preparedness a Habit

emergency preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Can Be the ONE thing that Saves Your Life I know for a fact that if my truck got hit my lightning it would take about a nanosecond for me to crap my pants.  True story. A couple from Tofield, Alberta got the shock of their life while out on a drive on…

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Fired For Posting on Social Media

fired for posting on social media

Don’t Get Fired for Posting on Social Media I’ve always loved Facebook.  You can share pictures with family, connect with old friends, stalk old boyfriends.  It’s awesome. It has a darker side, however, one that has many faces.  The side where cyber bullies torment hapless victims, the side where young sarcastic men face jail time…

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Safety Tip: Keep Your Head Up

Safety tip

ESS Safety Tip of the Day! I have a 7 year old son who is the poster child for ‘busy kid.’  Always has been.  I’m sure if he could have walked when he was born he would have hit the ground running.  He gets up early and doesn’t stop jumping, running and bouncing until he…

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Safety Services Wherever You Are!

safety solutions

ESS Rolls out the Safety Services Red Carpet! Break out the party hats and the bubbly!  Edge Safety Solutions is ready to roll out the Red Carpet and get the safety party started!!  We are very excited to open our “blogging doors” to our audience and share our vision and our passion with you. So…

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