Fired For Posting on Social Media

fired for posting on social media

Don’t Get Fired for Posting on Social Media

I’ve always loved Facebook.  You can share pictures with family, connect with old friends, stalk old boyfriends.  It’s awesome.

It has a darker side, however, one that has many faces.  The side where cyber bullies torment hapless victims, the side where young sarcastic men face jail time for off the cuff comments.  And the side where people get fired for what they post.

I am the first to admit that I blurt out things that I think are funny and then often regret it.  Sometimes my inner filter doesn’t work so well and others don’t always appreciate my sense of humor.  I have learned over the years however, to think think think before I speak speak speak.  Most times it works.

The same rule of thumb should be applied when deciding what to post to Facebook.  It can be all too tempting to post something that we think is ‘freaking hilarious’ and then wait for the LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES to ensue.  Nothing is better than having our hilarious antics go viral on social media, so we can be stars for the day. Fame is a cruel little b-word though. She can bite you in the a$$ when you least expect it.

In fact, she can get you fired for posting on social media

fired for posting on social mediaThis morning, for example, I was getting my Facbook Fix as I waited for a video to upload.  I noticed a video posted by a friend about these neknominations that have been floating around the viral-sphere.  I hadn’t heard of them before, and wow, was I in for a surprise.  The whole world of chugging drinks and doing ridiculous things on camera is the topic of another whole blog post, but today I’d like to talk about something else. Some people have died participating in these activities, and some have been fired for posting on social media too.

Today the subject of the neknomination was a ‘friend of a friend’.  My buddy posted the video on his timeline and tagged the participant in it, so by default I was able to see it.   There were two videos.  One of the nomination itself, where the enthusiastic (and drunk) participant chugged an entire glass of hard liquor (Gibsons??)  and somehow managed not to hurl it all back up on the table. It was a sight to behold!  He then nominated his other friends to partake in the festivities in a blubbering, slurring mess.

The second video was of him at work the next day.  Hung over?  Nope, still drunk.  Staggering, slobbering drunk.  A total mess.

And to add some excitement to the mix is the fact that not only was he at work–he was at work on the oil rigs.

Rig work is dangerous at the best of times, much less when you’re liquored up to the point where you can barely stand up.  I must confess, I don’t even know this guy but I have spent the the last few hours wondering how his day is going.  I snooped his Facebook page and he seems like a pretty good guy.  It would be horrible to hear that he was involved in an accident today, especially knowing how preventable it would have been. It would be equally terrible to learn that he had also hurt or killed someone else.

So, there are a few lessons here.

For one thing, if you value your life at all, why on earth would you go to work that stinking drunk?  It’s not like he was working a desk job and could lay low for the day.  One mistake could have cost him his life.

And why on earth would you post antics like that on Facebook?  Sure, I’m all for sharing things to get a laugh, but seriously, if the right people had seen this video there could have been serious ramifications for not only himself but his employer too.

It is so tempting to document our lives through pictures and videos on Facebook and other social media platforms for our friends to enjoy, but the reality is that current and future employers will also be paying close attention to what we post, and this, my friends can have very dire consequences. Employers and other professionals check out social media sites to see what their current and future employees are up to, and if you are posting inappropriate photos/videos, or nasty/negative status updates, this can seriously hamper your chances of keeping or attaining that great job you’ve had your eye on. The internet is a public forum and people can still be watching what you do, regardless of how private you think your pages might be.

One simple mistake can get you fired for posting on social media.

Value yourself enough to stay alive at work.

Value yourself enough to show your best face, even on Facebook.


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