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Online Safety Training Packages

online safety training Let’s face it, we’re all busy.  We have meetings to attend, policies to write, jobs to get done, so probably the LAST thing you want to do is take a day off work to drive 3 hours for some safety training that you’re not even sure will meet your specific needs. Edge Safety Solutions has found a way to bring valuable, site-specific training to your office, that will not only save you time, but meet your safety training needs as well.  Grab a coffee, sit back, and take advantage of some some great online safety training that will provide you with your own safety solutions to take back to the crew.

Benefits of Online Safety Training:

  •  It’s convenient.  Get the training when you need it without having to leave your office.  Now it’s possible to schedule online training around company projects or employee schedules.
  • It’s portable. Take your training with you on a laptop or ipad.
  • It meets learner needs. We all learn in different ways, and the training that we offer at Edge Safety Solutions is designed to include a range of teaching strategies to ensure that the needs of all learners are met. Our training is developed with certified teachers who ensure that all training programs meet the highest education standards.
  • You can rewind and repeat!  The nice thing about online safety training is that if you miss something, or get called away for an issue at work, you can pause the training and come back to it later. You never have to worry about missing important points!
  • It’s interesting.  Training doesn’t have to be boring and Edge Safety Solutions is committed to providing dynamic online safety training that is relevant to what is going on in the workplace today. We will keep you engaged!
  • Test scores are automatically graded and saved online.  No longer do you have to file papers into a folder and hope they don’t get lost. Once a student completes the test, his or her scores are automatically graded and stored in a company spreadsheet. Appropriate personnel can be notified as soon as a test has been completed so they can review the answers.

Interactive Webinars

Online safety training

Keep your learners engaged with interactive webinars that can be customized to your specific industry or company. Edge Safety Solutions can research any given topic and design online webinars that are as interactive as you’d like them to be. Whether you are sharing your information with 1 person or 20, these webinars can meet your learner and safety needs in a dynamic and effective way.  All webinars can be customized to address your company or industry’s needs and include testing materials as well.

Benefits of the Edge Safety Solutions Online Training System:

  • Lessons can be designed with interactive questions and activities to keep your learners interested and engaged in the learning process.
  • Webinars can be customized with your own company photos and policies.
  • Webinars can be designed to play effectively on ipads.
  • Webinars can include online tests, which can also include photos and videos to address all learning styles.

Online Data Collection

Save your employees the hassle of trying to keep all their papers in order out in the field.  Give them the tools they need to send information back to the office using their smartphone.

  • Create customized forms that your employees can fill in using their smartphones.
  • Forms can be easily modified or expanded at any point.
  • Collect images and documents with these forms as well.
  • Data is automatically sent to a company spreadsheet and appropriate personnel are notified immediately.

Edge Safety Solutions is pleased to offer you customized online safety training that meets your needs. Whether you need formal training for a crew of 20, or a short training presentation for a safety meeting, Edge Safety Solutions has your needs covered. Click here to contact Edge Safety Solutions for a free consultation.

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