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ESS Rolls out the Safety Services Red Carpet!

Break out the party hats and the bubbly!  Edge Safety Solutions is ready to roll out the Red Carpet and get the safety party started!!  We are very excited to open our “blogging doors” to our audience and share our vision and our passion with you.

So what is Edge Safety Solutions all about?  A few things really.

What We at Edge Safety Solutions Believe

safety solutionsWe believe that safety services should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.  It’s heartbreaking to hear of fatalities on the job site, especially when the victims are new or young workers.  All to often we hear of tragic accidents on the job site and it’s easy to wonder if they could have been prevented.

Edge Safety Solutions understands that incorporating an effective safety plan into your work life is not always easy.  If you operate a small company or work for an employer who doesn’t embrace safety, it can be very overwhelming to try and incorporate safe work practices into your world.  As well, if you live in a remote location it can be difficult to access safety services that pertain to your particular industry and situation.

We want to bring safety services to you.  Relevant.  Convenient.  Affordable.

The only way we are going to eliminate accidents and fatalities at the workplace is to create safety solutions that can fit into your world.

Safety Services that Edge Safety Solutions Has to Offer

We’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t your typical safety company.  It is our goal to develop safety services that work for you.  And that means offering customized packages that meet your specific needs.  Let’s face it, work is busy and fast-paced, so when a safety concern or question pops up, you want to be able to access answers quickly and easily.  That’s where we come in.  Edge Safety Solutions has developed tools like the Virtual Safety Guy that enable you to connect with safety professionals from wherever you are located.  Use your smart phone to get answers to your questions quickly and have someone to turn to when you run into a problem.

Safety Services for New and Young Workers

One of our goals at Edge Safety Solutions is to keep young and new workers safe.  One killed or injured young worker is one too many.  The statistics show that young/new workers are at an increased risk of getting hurt or killed in the first few months on the job and it is our goal to keep these workers safe.  We have just developed a Free New Worker Webinar that highlights the risks that young workers face as well as outlines ways to stay safe on the work site.  The webinar is free to anyone to download.

We also believe that safety services shouldn’t be boring.

Ever sit through a Forklift Safety Class that was so boring you wanted to poke your eyeballs out with red hot pokers just to liven things up a bit?  We have too.  If safety is going to work it has to keep you engaged.  We can guarantee you that this isn’t going to be your traditional boring safety blog that reads like a boring textbook from the 1930’s.  We have a sense of humor at Edge Safety Solutions and plan on making things interesting to keep you coming back for more!

So, if you’re ready to learn more about Edge Safety Solutions don’t hesitate to use the contact form on the website and get in touch with us! We want to hear from you!

And if you enjoyed our blog about safety services and know someone who might benefit from what we have to offer, please comment and share this blog around! We want to keep you safe!

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Edge Safety Solutions

We provide safety solutions to individuals, small business and corporations.

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