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Need answers now? We can help with our Virtual Workplace Health and Safety Guy!

workplace health and safetySafety is important.  We all know that.  But the fact of the matter is, sometimes achieving a strong workplace health and safety environment is easier said than done. This is especially true for small and new businesses.  It’s not always easy or possible to create a budget for your own workplace health and safety person. That’s where we come in.

Edge Safety Solutions is proud to introduce our very own Virtual Workplace Health and Safety Guy!

Call him Fred, call him George.  Call him whatever you like, really, but most importantly, call.  When you need a solution to a safety problem, or something has happened at your work site and you’re not sure how to handle it, call Edge Safety Solutions, and we’ll be your Virtual Workplace Health and Safety Guy. We’re just an email or a phone call away.

  • If you are an employer who doesn’t have a safety rep or committee but needs answers to safety questions or need help creating a safety plan, we are your people.
  • If you are a safety rep who needs someone to talk to about a safety concern or situation at work, give us a call.
  • If you are a new worker and are interested in learning how to stay safe when you start your new job, we can help prepare you to avoid getting hurt or killed.
  • If you are an employee and have concerns about the safety practices at your current job site but don’t have anyone to talk to, we can help. We provide training and consulting for employees as well.

It is our mission at Edge Safety Solutions to keep all employees safe at work, therefore we are committed to providing the tools and resources to all parties involved to ensure that everyone stays safe.  One injury or fatality at work is one too many. Accidents at work don’t have to happen.  Even if your company doesn’t have a huge budget for safety it is still possible to create a safe environment where everyone is protected.

Edge Safety Solutions is your Virtual Workplace Health and Safety Guy!  Call today!

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